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Job Lot #1

Curated by: James Sibley. Featuring: Amilia Graham, Eloise Gold, Dandy-Day Heffernan, Charlie Osborne, Obie Parry-Laidler and James Sibley.

With humour and playfulness, the artists draw on childhood memories and reflect on the transition from their teenage years into adulthood, which for them has been shaped by moving to the capital to go to college. The exhibition was originally scheduled to take place at a south London art space in the spring with support from the Exhibitions Hub. Many of the ideas and artworks for the exhibition have since been translated to the online project.

La Placita: Crashing the Party

Curated by: Elad Agarman and Giuseppi Rodriguez. In collaboration with Black Gold Collective.

A small plaza and establishment in New Cross, La Placita, comprises restaurants, tattoo parlours and beauty shops, managed by different groups from London’s African and Latin American diasporas; it is a site of comfort for displaced people, a collectively constructed imaginary home. In it, distinct and personalised stations are spotlighted by their national flags and offer a transnational sampling of ‘third-world’ gastronomy.